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Specializing in Custom Tattoos & Body Piercing. All performed by skilled craftsmen in a sanitary environment where every BODY is welcome. All of our clients receive single-service use on all products (i.e. needles, inks, etc.) The needles and individual setup are properly disposed of following the tattooing/piercing experience.

After your tattoo or piercing, we will go over aftercare and provide detailed aftercare instructions. We’ve done our job, now it’s time to do yours. Of course we are always available for any comments, questions or concerns before and after your experience.

We provide our clients the respect and diligence they deserve. We welcome everybody who is searching for exceptional body art that will last a lifetime.

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Call direct at 715-699-4345 or email us at appointments@savage-ink.net

One Response to “Welcome to Savage Ink Tattoo”

  1. Awesome web site!! Why body art? For me it is a celebration of my body as it ages. To celebrate my 30th birthday, EJ created the Heliotrope and Roses design from a photograph of this gorgeous plant in my garden. People complimenting my body art have said, “great tattoo, where’d ya get it” I love my tattoos, they are exquisite and unique. Additionally, I have had the unforgettable pleasure of spending time with EJ, whose art lives on my body.